Women Sexual Health Problems


One of the many topics that are considered taboo for a long time is women sexual health. But today, it is now discussed openly among experts as well as other people in general and the mainstream media. This has opened the doors to understand what the problem is all about and how it looked at and even cures that are being discovered. The lack of sexual desire or having low libido is the main sexual health problem with a lot of women. For some this lack of desire temporary goes off between the sheets but there are others that this problem persist as permanent. Difficulty is arousal, unable to experience orgasm, anxious about their sexual performance, the failure to derive pleasure from sex, having to feel pain during sex are some of the problems that affect sexual health in women.

When you want to cure the problem, the effective cure actually lies in the foundation of valid reasons. So before we even rush out  for you to seek the cure, it would be unfair on your part on not provided the real reason wherein you are able to find cure  where it is always based. It should have the balancing act of the hormonal secretion in the women’s body that is highly required in order to keep her sexual health on the right track. Hormonal issues play an important part in the women sexual health problem. When women have hormone imbalance such as lower secretion of estrogen and testosterone can greatly reduce the sexual desire to a low level. The blood flow in the genital areas and sex organs is also very important for the women to maintain libido. High blood pressure as well as diabetes has to be treated effectively as this restricts blood flow in the genital areas. Another important role in the sexual health is the mind. When the woman has a healthy mind, the body also increases the sexual performance to an amazing degree, but when the mind is stressed, undergoes anxiety, depression then the sexual desire lowers incredibly. Medication side effect, nerve damage, neurological disorder, sexual infection and relationship problem are other important reasons why there are some women are having sexual health problems.  For more info about sex health, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_position#Positions_to_promote_or_prevent_conception.

Taking herbs actually helps in bringing back the deteriorating and the weak libido on track. Here are some of the tested medicines to increase libido.

o             The herb “Damiana” from www.menreviewed.comhas proven itself to make wonders in helping fight stress, depression and anxiety. It also helps the body relax while at the same time it helps in balancing the hormones in the body.


o             Asparagus Recemosus or Satavri from www.prexil.com helps the muscles, organs and tissue. When a woman feels pain during intercourse, this herb will help resolve the problem due to the fact that this herb moistens dry tissue of the female sex organs. It also plays the role in helping maintain the secretion of testosterone without declining the sexual desire.


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